Custom training programs to fit any needs

Specifically designed programs based on the athletes wants and needs, tailored to fit your specific sport goals. With a focus on a throwing athletes body to help improve mobility, flexibility, arm speed, agility, strength, power, and injury prevention, any baseball athlete can improve their sport performance today!


in person

This "smarter NOT harder" baseball training sessions for your athlete of any caliber includes sport specific exercises, mobility, flexibility, and strength drills that will help improve their overall performance.

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Online and in person

The perfect blend of dynamic baseball training (in person) and online coaching support that will keep your body and mind "IN THE GAME" which will help improve your overall sports performance for the long haul. 

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About Dustin

Dustin Emmons has played baseball and been involved with fitness and nutrition his whole life. He elevated his skills form high school ball and played collegiately at UC Riverside.

As a professional athlete with the NEW YORK METS, Dustin noticed a robotic roll of constant output, output, output that ALL athletes face. It was this style of training and thinking that got Dustin to ask the big question:


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